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Deck & Shake Specialty Sealer Clear

Download MSDS pdf file(16kb)
The finest clear coating sealer around. It not only protects wood from the elements, but it also locks in the toxic properties of pressure treated wood. This oil-based solution contains aluminum sterate (metallic soap) as a water repellent and an iodized salt type of biocide. The natural ingredients of Deck & Shake eliminate the possibility of toxicity caused by pesticides which can be harmful to the environment.
Deck & Shake
Specialty Sealer
with Extra U.V. Protection

Experience has shown that certain geographical regions can affect performance of our product. A combination of dew or frost at night along with high temperatures during the day increase the need for frequent recoating. This prompted us modify D&S to improve weatherability by increasing both UV and water resistance. The same great protection as the original but with a little more assurance that wood will be preserved to its fullest.

In addition to the clear there are four colors to choose from
Brown These are our most popular colors but any custom color can be created.
Deck & Shake Concrete Sealer

Download MSDS pdf file(17kb)
A solvent bourne penetrating sealer for masonry applications such as concrete, stucco, brick, paver and terrazzo. It is based on a high molecular weight acrylic polymer formulated in combination with a water repellent system and superior mildewcide. These characteristics make it the product of choice for any porous masonry substrate requiring protection form the elements.