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April 1 1998

To Whom it may concern:

Over the past 28 years I have built 1,400 projects in every state in the U.S. as well as three foreign countries. All of these projects have has major components of wood and outdoor facilities. During the 1970's and early 1980's we experienced problems with splintering and rotting of the wood. Even when pressure treated wood became regularly used there was a problem with toxicity. We first started using Deck & Shake from PSM in the middle 1980's. Since then we have used Deck & Shake as a sealer for wood on over 1,000 projects. Over the same time period we have tried and tested numerous other sealers and found that Deck & Shake is better than any other sealer on the market. Because Deck & Shake has proven to be the best performer and the service our clients have received from PSM has been excellent, we at this time exclusively specify Deck & Shake.

Indian Foundry Park
Playground Committee

2926 West Greenleaf
Chicago, Illinois 60645

Dear Dennis,

  Enclosed is payment for Deck & Shake which we will use on our magnificent playground. June 17 is the Annual Workday.
  We have discovered in these six years since the playground was constructed that persistent maintenance pays off. The annual sealing of the entire structure with your product is perhaps the key element. After six applications of Deck & Shake, we have virtually no nails that require resetting and there is no splitting or other structural problems. The wood is in such great shape that I am confident of its viability for more years than I care to think about. Suffice to say, it's a playground facility that will serve generations of kids.
  So this year the Workday comes down to doing not much more than resealing. At the end of the day we will take a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from our glistening, renewed structure.
  Deck & Shake serves another important function for an urban park; it minimizes the damage due to graffiti and make graffiti clean-up much easier. So on occasion when we have that particular problem, the graffiti is removed after which we re-seal the area.

Best wishes and thanks for your assistance.


Peggy Sebert


Friends of Kid's Kove
P.O. Box
Merrimack, NH 03054-1053

August 31, 1995

Dear Dennis,

  It's been six years since we built our playground and it gets used every day because of its location. As directed by the Leathers team, we've been using Deck & Shake #70 to seal and protect Kid's Kove yearly in the fall. We chose the fall season because we want to have the maximum protection possible from the harsh New England winters. Since we've been treating the playground, we've not had to replace any wood because of splitting, cracking or checking.
Your excellent product turns out to protect the structure in another way; spray painted graffiti doesn't seem to adhere to a surface that's been treated with Deck & Shake #70 sealer. It seem to prevent the paint from penetrating the wood, making the cleanup a lot easier. The past spring, I was able to remove so much of the graffiti, that you cannot see the original 'artwork' only where it 'was.'


Chris Petrovic



November 14, 1995

Dear Dennis,

  Thanks for the timely shipment of the six pails of Deck & Shake sealer. We are sealing the wooden structures of Celebration Station for the third season. As we discussed, I am an engineer and assisted with the donated materials. I looked everywhere for a comparable product that could be obtained locally with no success. Leathers strongly recommended your product and now I see why. The wooden structures are in excellent condition. The linseed oil does an excellent job of preserving and waterproofing the wood. The application of the sealer with volunteers is very easy and the low volatility of the product is certainly a benefit to the environment.
  Thanks again for an excellent product and service you provide to volunteer playground organizations.



A. Dayton Carpenter


Designing and Building
for ALL Children
4224 West Lincoln Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53215

May 25, 1995

Mr. Acevedo,

  We'd like you to ship us a drum of the Deck & Shake sealer. We are transferring much of it into 1 gallon cans and expect the drum to be more effective. I will also be ordering a pallet of 5 gallon pails in about a month.
After three years of using your product, with previous years of experimenting with various sealants, now we are VERY satisfied. Much of our initial interest was generated by the low VOC rating but we continue to use the product and recommend it to our clients & customers because it has so many other superior qualities. Thanks for a great product and your prompt courteous service.


Gerry Slater


"Deck & Shake is especially recommended for sealing preservative-treated playground equipment... Tests performed in 1984 by the Berkeley Department of Health found that this product was more effective that others tested in reducing arsenic levels in the most common type of commercially applied wood preservative- chromated copper arsenate."

-John Warde

New York Times


"The sealing of arsenic-preserved playground equipment in Berkeley's parks was kicked off in Cedar Rose Park. 'Now everyone can breathe a little easier,' said parks superintendant William Montgomery as workers applied a coat of Deck & Shake, an oil based sealant. Glenn Lynch, the city's environmental health chief said other wooden park furniture preserved with the arsenic copper compound will all be sealed within the next week."

-Karen Mathews

The Berkeley Gazette